Collection: 1080° Rotating Universal Dual Mode Faucet Metal Extension Arm

Enhancing Your Faucet's Functionality To The Next Level 

The 1080° Rotating Faucet Metal Extension Arm designed for home kitchen and bathroom is a revolutionary tool that amplifies the performance and convenience in your daily routines. With the ability to rotate a full 1080 degrees, providing unparalleled range of motion.

Range Of Motion:  The 1080° allows you easy access to every corner of your sink or countertop.

Dual-Mode: Offering two distinct water flow modes. With the first mode allowing a gentle and aerated flow, perfect for handwashing, face cleaning, or delicate cleaning. Escorted by the second mode providing a more powerful and focused stream needed for rinsing out stubborn stains or general cleaning in all.

Personalization: With this tool, you can elevate your home kitchen/bathroom experience to new heights by bringing in a touch of innovation and practicality, making your home kitchen/bathroom tasks more enjoyable and efficient.  

Material:  Most of the products of this niche will be made of abs plastic that is known for its weak durability and overall cheap-feeling material. We provide a higher quality, copper based metal in order to improve on our customers overall experience.

Easy Installation: Installing the extension arm is quick and hassle-free, making it compatible with most home kitchen/bathroom faucets. You can enjoy the benefits of enhanced functionality without any complex installation processes. 

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